Sunday, August 12, 2012

What's in My Summer Shower

It seems like there has been a tag going around on YouTube and a lot of bloggers have been doing this as well. I love knowing what products people are using and its fun to kind of get to know people through their products. I try to switch out seasonally my candles, shower products, etc. So starting in September you will see my fall stuff and then again in December you will see winter. Since I use a lot of Bath & Body Works products this works out well for me but not so much for my wallet. I am for sure a BBW addict! If I have fellow addicts out there please say hello. So lets get onto whats in my summer shower....

What's in My Summer Shower

This is a shot of my shower baskets. I have two of them that are 100% full. A lot of the products in my shower are in case I run out of another product. I tend to really only use one thing at a time. I guess I like to have options just in case. 

What's in My Summer Shower
Another shot of my lower shower basket. 

What's in My Summer Shower
Another shot of my higher shower basket. 

What's in My Summer Shower

I like to keep in the shower a comb to use with my deep conditioners. I always use a wide tooth comb as its supposed to be better for your hair. I also keep a clip to clip up my hair when I'm using my deep conditioner.  I have these exfoliating gloves but I don't like using them. They take too much time to put on and I prefer to use my scrubs without them as I can really feel the scrub working when I don't have these on. Finally I have my sponge. I get these from WalMart for $1 and then toss them every 3 months. I should probably toss them more but for now its 3 months (so seasonally).

Body Wash

These are the shower gels that are currently in my shower for summer. I have had this Pacifica one forever. Since I buy so many from Bath & Body Works I haven't been able to use this one up yet but I sure am trying. I love the scent of grapefruit. It's very refreshing. I also have the Wild Berry Tulips from Bath & Body Works. This is a great scent and I recommend getting this if you can still find it. I think it's discontinued though. I always buy the pumps for the BBW shower gels. 

Face Wash

This is my Philosophy face wash that I put into this plastic container and then the Laura Mercier face scrub which I use in the shower. I am trying to use it up. Its not my favorite scrub for the face as I think its too abrasive. The Philosophy cleanser is good. I find that it gets in my nose sometimes though and it tastes horrible. Does anyone else have this problem?

Body Cream

Now onto my lotions and body creams. Right now I am trying to use up the mini BBW body lotions that I got for free. I hate BBW lotions. I prefer their creams but I want to use it up. I also have a body cream in Mango Mandarin but I don't really like and Exotic Coconut which I like a lot as I love Coconut. Finally I have a mini Kiehls Creme de Corp. I haven't used this yet and think I'm saving it for Fall/Winter. I'm not even really sure why I have it in the shower yet. 


These are my conditioners right now. Again I am trying to use up a Pantene one that I put into this round container. I like it a lot but want to use it up as I have a lot of other conditioners for back up. I love the 3 minute miracle from Aussie but don't use it much since I am trying to use up the Pantene. I just got this new sample one in my Glossybox and want to start trying it out. 

Body Scrub

I use a body scrub year round and the BBW ones are my favorite. This works great and I love it. I wish they had these in more scents and not with shimmer. I hate the shimmer ones as I think only 13 year olds can really pull that off. I'm way beyond 13.  


Lastly here are my shampoos. I just put into a container the shampoo I am trying to finish up. I forget what it is. I also have travel size of the Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo which I don't really like the Organix brand so I want to use this up. I have a Tresemme sample that I want to try out and the shampoo from my Glossybox. I have a Kerastace shampoo that is similiar to WEN and is a cleansing conditioner. I think this stuff works great and highly recommend it. Finally I just picked up this Giovanni shampoo since I was running low on shampoo (at least I thought I was :)). Curious if people have tried the Giovanni what they think?

So that's what is in my shower for the summer. Also I use the Shick Intuition razor which isn't in these pictures but I love that razor. It's the only razor I have used for the past 5 plus years. Pick it up if you haven't tried it yet. Best thing ever!!! What's in your summer shower? Do you switch out your products seasonally?



  1. Love this! I did a similar post a few months ago - so fun seeing what people have in their shower. Trying to work on the tag post - searching for my 11 bloggers now - how did you find yours?

    1. I found through bloglovin, google friend connect, and just through blogs that I was already following. I happen to follow a lot of people so it wasn't too hard. If you need suggestions let me know.

    2. Since I started as more of a fashion blog and then brought in beauty a natural transition, I followed many through that, but I would love to do this tag for beauty bloggers - so if you have some suggestions of good ones then I would love to tag them! Hope you had a great weekend!