Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August Empties

I'm so excited to be finally putting up this post. I can't wait to throw out some of these containers. I think I finished quite a bit of products this month compared to last. I tend to go through products pretty quickly though (other than makeup). I don't know if I use them up faster knowing that I am doing these empties or if I normally be going through them quickly anyways. I'm going to try to highlight in this post the products that I really enjoyed and/or would repurchase. If I don't mention it that means that I didn't really like it or it wasn't anything special for me. Also don't make fun of me for cutting my products. I am a cutter when it comes to products. I know there are some others out there like me. We like to get our moneys worth. So onto the empties....

August Empties
August Empties

I finished up a lot of BBW products this month. I think I was going crazy trying to burn through my summer candles for Fall. I'm dying that BBW hasn't had 2 for $20 on their 14.5 oz candles yet. I have pretty much no fall candles yet. Pinneaple Orchid was my favorite of the candles. I think I bought 3 of these this summer they are so good. I hate the body lotions and am happy to use them up. They are too watery.
Bath and Body Works Empties
Bath & Body Works

I finally used up this shampoo. Super exciting. I like this shampoo for drugstore. I don't know if I plan to repurchase it in the near future since I tend to prefer buying more high end shampoos. I guess I'm crazy because the drugstore are probably fine. This is good though and I do recommend it for drugstore.
Hair Care Empties
Hair Care

Bodycare always takes me longer to go through. This month I finished up the Soap & Glory heel Genius. I hated this stuff. I felt that it did nothing for my feet. I also finished up the Coconut BBW scrub. I love their scrubs and pretty much use them all year round. This scent is amazing for summer. I finished a L'Occitane hand cream which I like a lot. I think that the shea is the best but I like the smell of that one the least. The ones that aren't shea seem not as thick. These are great for keeping my bag. I always have a hand cream with me. Finally I finished this SheaTerra cream. I used this on my feet. I liked this a lot. I doubt I would repurchase though.
Body Care Empties
Body Care

I used up a lot of skincare this month. I used up a pack of my HG (Holy Grail) Shiseido facial cotton. Nothing really stands out to me. I liked a lot of these products but nothing amazing. I finished my Boscia face oil that I love as a pre-cleanse before I wash my face with my Clarisonic. Thats another HG item for me. The Shiseido eye cream was kind of good. I might considering buying that. I have so many samples of skincare that I pretty much would not have to buy full size products for at least 6 months. I still do though because I love skincare.
Skincare Empties
 I used up a lot of perfume samples this month which is good because I have way too many. I can usually get 2-3 uses out of a sample. I hate the non-spray ones so what I have been doing is pouring them into an atomizer and this works great. I really enjoyed the viva juicy la fleur new perfume. I might get this for fall.
Perfume Empties

I finished two travel crest toothpastes. I've been trying to use these up since I have so many. I prefer Colgate but I'll keep using them until I use some more up. Nice thing is that it takes up less space in my medicine cabinet. I already have enough products. I can always use the space.
Dental Care Empties
Dental Care

I finished up a good amount of makeup this month. I finished by mini mac strobe cream which I put into this container. I liked this but probably wouldn't repurchase it. I used it under my foundation and mixed it with my  primer. I finished a bouncy blush which I wouldn't buy again. I finished a Tarina Tarintino eyeliner which I really liked. I just don't know if its worth spending more on pencil eyeliner. I think NYX makes great ones too. I finally finished my Victoria's Secret lip gloss. I probably have had this for 10 years. It needed to go. So gross. That gal from Benefit wasn't good. I don't recommend it as a good primer. I finished my Benefit eyebright which is HG for me. I already have a new one. I use it under my eyebrows to brighten my eyes. My Blackest Lashes from Prestige was ok. I don't think I would repurchase it again. I used Mac Prep and Prime for my lips before putting on lipstick. I liked it but could probably find a cheap drugstore chapstick that would work just as well. I'm on the fence about repurchasing this.
Makeup Empties

I love doing these posts and showing what I love and what I have used up. I especially get excited when I use up makeup. Which rarely ever happens as you can see from what I am showing you here. Have you tried any of the things that I showed you in this post? What are your thoughts on them? Hope everyone is having a great week.



  1. WOW! That's a LOT of empties! I think the only product I have from this batch is that Evian spray which is kinda useless if you ask me. Loved this post :)

    1. I hate the evian spray too. The caudalie one is so much better but I wanted to use this up and get rid of it.

  2. OMG girl, that is a lot of stuff!! LOL Love the post! I love when I get to use up makeup! It happens very rarely!

    1. I rarely use of makeup either. I just get excited when I hit pan.