Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Beauty Haul

So this weekend I did a little bit of shopping. I tend to do most of my beauty shopping on the weekends since during the week I'm always at work. I shopped at Target, the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale, Harmon Beauty, Lush, Bath & Body Works. I also went to the dentist and got some goodies (well if you are into dental hygiene then yes they are goodies) as well as some skincare gifts from my family who were recently in Colorado. I hope that you all enjoy taking a little look into what I picked up this weekend. I can't wait to dig into all of it.

Weekend Beauty Haul
Weekend Beauty Haul
Most of the skincare stuff that I got was from Clarins. I was really interested in trying out some of their cleansers. I ended up getting the Cleansing Milk for the Winter. I also got the Blue Orchid Oil as I heard good things about that and I like using oils at night in the fall/winter instead of a serum. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deal for Clarins was if you bought two products you got the a red makeup bag filled with deluxe sized samples. The girl that helped me was so nice she gave me 6 extra samples in addition to the deluxe ones that I was already getting. In addiiton to this stuff my parents were in Colorado recently and picked me up some iSun products. The line is natural and I look forward to trying out these toners. 

Skincare Haul
Skincare Products

Below is the red makeup bag that I got with my Clarins samples. I kind of like the bag and would use it. At Nordstrom's the sales girl who helped me was so nice that she gave me Burberry samples, eyeshadows, a lipgloss, and face powder. Without me even telling her that I had a blog she somehow knew and offered me this stuff to review on my blog. Since I love the Burberry products this was so nice of her. I will be doing a post on these products and promise to give my honest opinion on them. I already have Burberry Pale Barley that I purchased a while back and love it. My Clarins skincare bag also came with a lip perfector deluxe sample. I already have this in the full size and love it. At Sephora I picked up a backup of Benefit eyebright. I was running low on this and this is in my everyday makeup bag. At Target I decided to pick up two Maybelline gel eyeliners since I have heard good things about these. I picked up the purple and brown one for fall. I am looking forward to trying them out. I also got some Real Techniques makeup brushes at Harmon's beauty. I was so excited when I saw these at Harmon's. I don't have an Ulta by me so it was nice to be able to buy them here.

Makeup Haul

Miscellaneous Stuff
I was at the dentist this weekend and he gave me a new mouthwash to try out, a new toothbrush, and a mini toothpaste. I prefer Colgate but I use these for travel. I went to Lush at the mall and picked up Lemony Flutter to try out on my cuticles. I'm curious how this compares to the Burt's Bees one. At Nordstrom's I picked up Deborah Lippmanns "Stripped to Go" to remove nail polish when traveling. I picked up at Target the top coat and base coat for the new Revlon polishes. I have heard so many good things about these and they were on clearance so I had to pick them up to try out. Finally I really needed a new Shampoo. At Target I decided to try out this Giovanni shampoo. I like shampoos that are for color-treated hair and don't have sulfates in them. We shall see how this works. If anyone has tried Giovanni shampoos, let me know what you think.

Weekend Beauty Haul
Misc. Stuff

The final place that I went this weekend was Bath & Body Works. I love that store and I love fall candles. Be prepared for more Candle hauls this Fall. I picked up some of the mini's since the 14.5 oz candles were not 2 for $20 and I refuse to pay full price for anything in that store. The mini's were on sale for 2 for $5 so I picked up 12 candles and then used a survey coupon. Also the store that I go to has all of the test scents which I love. Looks like Fall is going to be great for candles.

Bath & Body Works Candles
Bath & Body Works Candles
So thats all that I picked up this weekend. Did you all do any fun shopping? Did you pick up anything good?



  1. i am so envious of your free burberry items to try! my beauty assistant/sales are never that friendly and generous!

    1. I just got very lucky. That never happened to me ever before.