Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Cream Blush Collection + Swatches

This is probably one of the smallest's parts of my makeup collection. For some reason I haven't gotten obsessed yet (yet is the key word here) with cream blush. I think I'm afraid to go crazy with these since I know that they take forever to go through and also since they are a cream product that they will go bad faster then my powder blushes which I probably have 30 plus of. A collection post to come soon on those too.

I tend to wear cream blush everyday under whatever powder blush that I am wearing. I think it helps to make the powder last longer. Half of my cream blushes are high end and half are drugstore. I have my eye on a lot of high end ones at the moment, especially the Bobbi Brown pot rouge formula. Also I do want to point out that I am pretty fair skin so these colors work well for me. So here is what's in my cream blush collection:

My Cream Blush Collection
My Entire Cream Blush Collection 

The first ones that I am going to talk about are my NYX cream blushes. This formula is a very wet formula that doesn't sink as well into the skin as the others. For some reason though I still love them. I don't have oily skin so these are not a problem for me. They are really cheap and I recommend picking them up if you don't mind the wet formula. The colors are amazing. Boho Chic is a pretty pink color which more blue undertones,  Natural is also pink but with more peach undertones, and then Glow is also pink but with more red undertones. 

NYX Cream Blushes
NYX  Cream Blush (left to right, Boho Chic, Natural, and Glow)

NYX Cream Blushes

NYX Swatches Cream Blush
Swatches L.R. Glow, Natural, Boho Chic

The next ones that I want to talk about are my Nars ones. I have Nars Penny Lane and Nars Orgasm Cream Stick. I love Penny Lane. It is a cream to powder formula that goes into the skin so well. Orgasm I don't really reach for much for some reason. It's a pretty dry formula but I think I just don't like all of the shimmer in it for everyday. Penny Lane is a peachy nude color and Orgasm is a pink/peach color which gold shimmer in it.
Nars Cream Blushes
Nars Penny Lane, Nars Orgasm

Nars Cream Blushes

Nars Cream Blush Swatches
Swatches Penny Lane (left), Orgasm (right)

Next up is a recent purchase which is my new cream blush from Illamsqua in Zygomatic. This is from their new collection. I wasn't sure if this was limited edition or not so I snatched it up right away. This is a pretty rosey/nude/brown color. I am so excited to wear this for Fall. Compared to Nars Penny Lane this color is darker and more rose colored while Penny Lane seems to have more peach undertones in it.

Illamsqua Cream Blush

Illamasqua Cream Blush

Illamasqua Cream Blush

Illamasqua Cream Blush Swatched
Illamasqua Zygomatic Swatched

Next up is my MUFE HD Blush in #5 or otherwise known as Nip Slip. You only need the tiniest amount of color with this product. I kind of don't like that because sometimes I have a really hard time only getting a lit bit out and then end up wasting the product. I don't reach for this one much either and it already looks like it is drying out. Sometimes I feel like this is a purchase regret. I am going to try and give it more love though and see what happens. The color is really pretty pink flush on your cheeks. 

MUFE Cream Blush
MUFE HD Blush #5

MUFE HD Blush Swatched
MUFE  HD Blush #5 Swatched

Next up are my two cream stick blushes from NYC Color. I think that these are discontinued but if you ever see them anymore pick them up. I love these to keep in my bag for on the go or for just a quick swipe of color. They are not as long lasting as some of the other ones but that's ok for the price. They are a drier formula which you would probably like if you have oily skin. You also get a ton of product so these will last you forever. Plaza Pink is more of a pink/peach color and Big Apple Red has more of a rose/pink coloring. I prefer Big Apple Red for Fall/Winter. 

NYC Blushable Cream Sticks in Plaza Pink and Big Apple Red

NYC Blushable Cream Stick

NYC Blushable Cream Stick Swatches
NYC Plaza Pink, NYC Big Apple Red

I thought I would also include in this post my liquid blushes or cheek stains. I only have samples of these since I'm not really a huge fan of this concept. I find that most of these dry to quickly to be able to blend them really well. I tend to keep these in my bag for a quick flush of color. Cha Cha Tint is a peach/coral color, Benetint is similiar to the Balm but the Balm has a more gel consistency where Benetint is more of a liquid. I prefer The Balm to Benetint. They both give you a nice flush though. Finally Poisetint is a pink flush to your cheeks so less red then Benetint.

Liquid Blushes

Cheek Stains Swatched
l.r. Cha Cha Tint, Stainiac, Benetint, Poisetint Stains Swatched

So that's it for my cream blush collection. What are some of your favorite cream blushes? What do you all think of the Bobbi Brown pot rouge, LMDB, and the stila ones?



  1. I love cream blushes they look a lot more natural than powders! But they dry out :(

    1. What are some of your favorites? Mine haven't dried out yet but I'm sure some of them will eventually. I love layering them with powder blush to make my blush last longer.