Monday, September 3, 2012

Beauty Recycling Programs

I've decided to share with you what I know about skincare or makeup recycling programs at a few stores that I am aware of. I think that this is a great idea and wish that more stores would offer this. I certainly shop more at these stores because they offer this. Also important to be aware of is a lot of stores offer specials on Earth Day. For example, Sephora was running a special this year if you brought back any empty container (didn't have to be from Sephora) they gave you a free Origins moisturizer that was 1.7 oz. I believe Origins was running the same special in their stores as well. I really hope that more stores start offering these types of programs as most consumers appreciate it and it helps the environment.

Beauty Recycling Programs

MAC Cosmetics

MAC has probably one of the most well known programs out there. There program is called "Back to MAC". If you bring back six empty containers to MAC you can get typically either a lipstick or an eyeshadow. I think it depends if you go to a store or counter what they will offer you. MAC does not accept all of their products for Back to MAC. For example I purchased a travel size item and they told me that it wouldn't count. You can bring back items such as lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, blush, etc. If you have any questions about the program I suggest contacting MAC for better clarification. I only have a few products right now so I can't do this just yet but I'm excited to bring back my empties when I have six products. 

Something also to note is that you can depot your eyeshadows and then bring back the empty containers. I have done this with the first two eyeshadows that I ever bought from MAC. I prefer my eyeshadows in a palette but didn't know this when I first started buying the eyeshadows. I just recently purchased two limited edition shadows that I want to depot but I'm so scared because if they break I can't get the shadows again. 


Origins has a program called "Return to Origins". Unfortunately their program does not include any free products. I've heard that they will give you samples when you return your empty containers but that's it. If any of you know more about this please let me know. 


Lush has a program where if you bring back 5 empty black containers to the store you get a free face mask. That's a pretty good deal. I just wish they would take back the lip scrubs but they don't because those are glass. I go through a few of those a year at least. 


The last program that I want to talk about is Kiehls. I have taken advantage of this one and there is a store on my street so I have been going there more often recently. I believe their program is only valid at actual stores and not at Kiehls in department stores. Here is how their program works:

-For reach empty you bring back you get 1 stamp
-Once you have 3 stamps (or have brought back 3 empties) you get a LipBalm #1
-Once you have 5 stamps you get a travel collection product (2.5 oz.)
-Once you have 10 stamps you can get a full sized product up to $25.00 value

I think Kiehls has probably one of the best programs out there if you really like their products. I think they make some great body and skincare. I ended up getting their creamy avocado eye cream and only had to pay a few dollars since it only costs $28.50. I also got a mini Creme de Corps body creme which is a cult favorite, and a LipBalm #1. Such a great deal. 

These are just the recycling programs that I am aware of here in the US. If you all are aware of any other stores that offer this type of program please let me know as I would like to learn more about it.



  1. What an informative post! I think I'll go through my mom's makeup bag and see if she can contribute to my newfound "Back to MAC" collection ;)

    1. I know. I always tell my friends and family to give me their empties if they are just going to throw them out. I wish more companies offered this.