Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Fall Lip Glosses-Swatches & Photos

I'm so excited for Fall so I want to start sharing with you all some of my favorite Fall/Winter makeup products. For me Fall and Winter makeup is pretty much the same and the same goes for Spring and Summer. I may tweak it slightly but the idea of what I pick is similar. So these are my top 10 favorite glosses for Fall. This may change for Winter if I get some new glosses or fall in love with something else. I have a mix of high end and drugstore. I tend to like rich berry colors, plums, and rose colors. That's just personally what I lean towards. I don't like anything too dark though as I am very fair skinned and don't think I can pull off very dark. So here are my favorites for Fall.

Top 10 Favorite Fall Lip Glosses-Swatches & Photos
Left to Right: NYX Tea Rose, NYC Color Plaza Punch, Nars Dolce Vita, Buxom Dolly, Chanel Imaginaire, Chanel Meteore,  Illamasqua Belladona,  Stila Mulberry, Lip Fusion Pucker Up, and NYX Copper Penny

NYC Plaza Punch
This is a great drugstore lip gloss. It has a lot of pigmentation and is a very pretty almost raspberry color. It has a great sweet smell too which I like. This does not have shimmer in it. 

NYX Copper Penny
I adore the NYX glosses. I think that they are some of the best drugstore ones out there. This color totally says Fall to me. This is a pretty rose color with some brown undertones It's not too brown though so I find it really wearable. Love the smell of these and they aren't sticky. 

NYX Tea Rose
This color is more of a pink/rose color to me. I love my pink glosses but this just kicks it up a notch for Fall and adds the rose to it. I just love anything called Tea Rose for Fall. 

Stila Mulberry
This was a gloss that Amarixe said she loved last year and so I picked it up. While I am not a huge fan of the Stila glosses since they are very sticky I do like this color. The color is a very sheer light plum color with no shimmer or sparkle. Sometimes I prefer a more sheer gloss and this is a great option. 

Buxom Dolly
I love Buxom glosses so much. I like the minty tingly and plumping feeling that they give my lips. This is a deeper plum color than the Stila one and therefore more opaque. There is no shimmer in this gloss. 

Top 10 Favorite Fall Lip Glosses-Swatches & Photos
Swatches Left to Right: NYC Plaza Punch, NYX Copper Penny, NYX Tea Rose, Stila Mulberry, Buxom Dolly

Lip Fusion Pucker Up
This might be one of my favorites of the bunch. Unfortunately I'm not sure that you can buy this brand anywhere anymore. If you can grab this right away. This is similar to Buxom in terms of the tingling feeling. I personally love that. This color is super opaque and goes on amazing on the lips. The color is a pink/plum/rose.  It almost has some mauve coloring too it. There is no shimmer in this color. 

Illamasqua Belladona
Another super opaque gloss. This color is darker than the Lip Fusion one. It has more purple in it but is very wearable. This is probably as dark as I can go. It is so opaque that this is a gloss that I would wear alone without lipstick. You really don't need lipstick with this color. It is beautiful though and fun for Fall. No shimmer in this one either. 

Chanel Glossimer in Imaginaire 
Now we are on to the shimmers. Chanel Glossimer's are the way to go when it comes to shimmer. This color is more sheer than Lip Fusion and Illamasqua but is in the similar color family. It is a purple/plum color. This has a slight amount of shimmer that just glows on your lips. I think its really pretty and I've used quite a bit of this gloss. 

Chanel Glossimer in Meteore
This is a coppery, brown, rose color. This has a ton of shimmer in it. This is probably my least favorite of these 10. I really like the color but just wish it had a tad less shimmer in it. The shimmer is so pretty but I do find that it sometimes gets on my face which I don't like. This is the most shimmery gloss of all of the ones that I have. 

Nars Dolce Vita
This is a gloss that I didn't like at first but I've really been enjoying it more and more this month. This is very opaque and a pretty neutral color. Swatched it looks very plum/brown, but on the lips it comes off very neutral. Almost my lips but better but a little darker on my lips. If your lips are very pigmented it probably would be my lips but better. Some people don't like the smell of Nars glosses. They don't bother me. I have the lipstick in this color too and like wearing these together. There is no shimmer in this color. 

Top 10 Favorite Fall Lip Glosses-Swatches & Photos
Swatches Left to Right: Lip Fusion Pucker Up, Illamasqua Belladona, Chanel Imaginaire, Chanel Meteore, Nars Dolce Vita
So I hope this gave you some ideas for some Fall lip glosses. These are just some of the ones I reach for more in Fall/Winter. Most of these can be picked up at your local department store, Sephora, and/or your local drugstore. What are some of your favorite glosses for Fall?



  1. I really want to try nxy tea rose, in your swatch it looks really nice.

    1. Tea rose is a great fall color. You should pick it up for sure.

  2. I love deep, vibrant lip shades for fall! NYX Copper Penny looks especially pretty :)


    1. Yes its a nice color for fall too. I just like NYX in general though.