Thursday, September 20, 2012

Favorite YouTubers of September

These are my favorite YouTubers for the month of September. Each month I select three people to highlight whose videos I enjoy watching. These are the three people this month that I think you should check out.  If you have any favorite people that you watch please send me their channel information. I'm always looking to discover new people to watch.

First up this month is Emily from lisettesbeaute. She has a great personality and loves makeup. She does tutorials, hauls, collection videos, face of the days, and she sometimes even vlogs which I really enjoy watching. She is a beautiful girl who isn't afraid to try new things when it comes to beauty. Her videos are so enjoyable to watch so you should all check her out. She also has a blog that you should check out as well. Here is her most recent video:

Next up is Vanessa from lipstickvanessa. I love her channel so much. She loves high end brands and has a similiar taste in makeup to me. She just a did an amazing tag video called "Products I am Most Excited to Use This Fall". I loved watching it. She does hauls, FOTD, tags, favorites vidoes, and so many more fun videos. She seems like such a super sweet person and you should definitely add her to your watch list. Here is her most recent video:

The finally person that I am going to mention in this post is Josh. Josh is makeup artist for Hourglass cosmetics so not only is he on YouTube but you also get the knowledge of a true makeup artist. He is great at what he does and he has introduced me to some amazing Hourglass products but also some amazing products from other brands as well. He does videos on reviews/demos, favorites, hauls, thirty thursdays, mascara mondays, empties, and so much more. You should check him out. Here is his latest video:


  1. Thank you so much, Meredith! I really appreciate that you mentioned my little channel on your blog! I also enjoy your blog!! Hope you are having a great evening! xx Vanessa

    1. Your channel isn't little. I hope more people check it out. I love watching your videos. Next time I'm in Chicago I want to go shopping with you!!

  2. Thank you for all the kind words Meredith! <3

    1. Josh you are very welcome. Hope you are having a great weekend.