Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project X Pan

Yes, you are reading the title of this post right, I am doing a project X pan. For those of you who don't know what project pan is there are many rules but I'll just give you a general idea. The goal is to use up a certain number of products before you buy anything new. Some people also go on a low buy during this period because for some it can last several months. I don't know how those people do it. Well I've decided to do this since I have a lot of makeup and need to take a break for a little bit from buying it. Starting on October 1st I won't be buying any makeup or skincare products only 100% necessary (i.e. I run out of toner or cleanser).

Project X Pan

I have decided to try to use of some of my products by the next Sephora Friends & Family sale. I made it project X because I don't really care so much what I use up as long as I am using up makeup. I believe that the next sale is in the next few weeks so this will be only a short period of time but yet still very challenging for me. I buy at least a few things each week so to not buy any makeup for 3 weeks will be a huge challenge. I hope I have all of your support.

Another thing to point out is that some of these products may seem small but you would be surprised how long something can still last. I didn't pick any blushes since I have never even hit pan on them. Even my mini benefit highlighter has lasted me months so far. I probably won't use this up but I am going to try. I also tried to pick things that I use everyday or things that are old that I want to get rid of. I think I have a good mixture of things. I have selected 25 items and hope to use up at least 5 or more in the next 3 weeks.

So here is what is included in the Project X Pan:

1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin in Nude- There is about 2/3 left in the bottle.
2. Bourjous Healthy Mix in 53- There is about 3/4 left in the bottle.
3. Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light/Medium- There is about 3/4 left in the bottle. I would wear this only on the weekend.
4. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer- There is about 1/2 left. I will use this everyday. These come with a ton of product though.
5. Bobbi Brown Stick Concealer (depotted)- There is hardly anything left. I will put this in my work bag for touch ups.
6. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (only the hard side is left)-This is one of those products that won't go away.
7. Tarte Eye Primer-This was a mini size in the trio I bought. Because a little goes a long way its taken me a while to use this up but I think it will happen soon.
8. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion-I have about a little bit less than 1/2 left. These take forever to go through so I doubt this will get used up.
9. Milani Concealer- It's hard to say how much product is left. I use this under my eyes but think I will use it up soon.
10. Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller- When I finish my milani I will go back to this. This has a ton of product though. You can't tell how much you have left either.
11. Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in Brightener-This one I use everyday. I should finish it up soon.
12. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch-I will use this one after the age rewind one. There isn't a ton of product in this though.
13. Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter-I have been using this for a month at least and it still has so much. Even though it's a mini its going to take a while.
14. Laguna Bronzer-Another one that is going to take a while even though it's a mini. I give this at least another month with everyday use.
15. Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Birthday Suit-Cream shadows last forever. I will try to use this a few days a week. I still have a good amount left.
16. & 17.  Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencils in Rockstar and Stash-These are almost done so I am going to try to use them everyday.
18. Ofra Universal Eyebrow Pencil- This is also almost done. I would like to use it up and go back to MAC charcoal brown.
19. Anastasia Clear Brow Gel-This is a mini so it should go soon. I will go back to my Maybelline clear brow gel after using this up.
20. Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum-This is almost gone. I have to use a lip brush to get it out. I keep it in my work bag to finish it.
21. Rimmel Airy Fairy Lipstick- I still have about half left but I am going to try and use it up even though I love the color.
22. Stila Lip Glaze in Mulberry-You don't get a lot of product in these so I thought this would be a good gloss to try and use up. I like the color too.
23. LipFusion LipInfatuation in Angelic-This is a mini but I'm going to try and finish it. Lipgloss takes longer for me to finish for some reason though.
24. Korres Lipgloss in Fuchsia (54)-I've had this for way too long so I need to finish it. I really like the color but don't wear red enough.
25. Chanel Mystic Eyes Quad (only pink color)-I am just trying to use up the pink color. I have hit pan on it but it won't go away. I use it everyday as a highlight.

Since I put this in writing I'm hoping it will help me stick with it. I'll try and keep you posted as I use things up. If any of you are doing a project pan please let me know as I would love to hear about it and support you on your journey.



  1. I am starting project pan tomorrow. I just bought my last few items. I have so much makeup and I really want to save up for IMATS LA in January. I think the only items I will have to purchase between now and then are my mascaras but that might not even happen.

  2. I am starting project pan tomorrow. I just bought my last few items. I have so much makeup and I really want to save up for IMATS LA in January. I think the only items I will have to purchase between now and then are my mascaras but that might not even happen.

    1. I wish I lived in CA to go to IMATS LA. NYC isn't as good I don't think. Hope your no buy is going well. I bought a few things and broke it a bit but was pretty good overall.

  3. I'm subconsciously doing a similar project, just trying to opt for products that I know are nearly used up (mainly to make way for new ones!) ;)

    1. Let me know how you are doing trying to use up products. I used up a few things so far which I am excited about.

  4. Best of luck with this! You have some amazing products on this list so it should be fun to finish them up- or at least try! The Korres fuchsia lip gloss used to be my everyday gloss. It has such a lovely colour and texture :)


    1. I think I broke the lip gloss. Probably because it is so old but I'm been using it a bit. I bought a few things but pretty much did good. Trying to just wait a few more days.

  5. I'm such a freak when it comes to using my makeup, i don't even let myself have more than 2 mascaras, foundations, concealers or lip balms at a time, but still I always feel like I need to go on a makeup ban.

    Love your blog btw, you have great reviews, and an awesome collection of makeup!
    Newest follower:)

    - Alma

    1. Congrats that you have that much self control. I am so jealous. I used to be that way too but ever since I started blogging I want to try out everything. I'm pretty good about foundation and concealer but not so good about lip balm and mascara. I am so happy that you are following my blog and hope that you enjoy it!