Thursday, August 16, 2012

Product's I've Hit Pan On

This post is dedicated to the products that I have hit pan on which are very few. For those of you who are not familiar with the term to hit pan it basically means that you have used the product so much that you can see the pan.  I have a ton of makeup so if I hit pan on something that means that I really (and I mean really) love it. I also want to discuss in this post products that I would like to hit pan on. There are few products that for one reason or another I want to use them up or I just love them so I'm trying it see some pan.

The 2 products that I have that I currently hit pan on are my Jemma Kid Dewy Glow Highlighter and my Mac eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown. The Jemma Kid highlighter is probably one of my all time favorite highlighters. I love the formula, the color, the packaging. I pretty much love everything about this product. I plan to repurchase this as soon as I'm done. The Mac eyeshadow I use for my eyebrows. I just got a pencil that I've been using from my Glossybox but typically this is what I'm wearing everyday. This color is perfect and looks very natural on my brown eyebrows. I like that this doesn't have any red in it. This would last forever for your eyebrows so I think its for sure worth the money. 

Product's I've Hit Pan On

Product's I'm Trying to Hit Pan OnThese are the products that I am currently trying to hit pan on. My mini Tarte blush in dollface I thought would be a good place to start with blushes since I'll probably never hit pan on any of my blushes. I love the color dollface. It's perfect for anyday with pretty much anything. I also travel with this color a lot since its smaller than my other blushes. Next is the highlight color in my Mystic Eyes eyeshadow quad. I really don't like this quad very much. I am getting close to hitting pan on this color and that makes me happy because this quad is my most expensive makeup item so I want to try and at least get my moneys worth and then get rid of it. Next is my NYC Sunny bronzer. I love this bronzer so much. I use it everyday so I'm pretty close to hitting pan. When I use this up I'll probably repurchase this again. Finally is my Benefit cream eyeshadow in Birthday Suit. I love this color so much and love the consistency of these shadows. I use this sometimes alone and sometimes under other shadows. I'm hoping to see pan on this soon.

Product's I'm Trying to Hit Pan OnProduct's I'm Trying to Hit Pan On

At the end of the year I'll be doing a post on all of the makeup products that I have used up I'm sure it won't be that many. If I wear the same lipstick everyday it still takes me like 2 months to go through it.  What products have you hit pan on? Have you ever finished a blush? I haven't but would love to hit pan on one of them.



  1. Well done! That Jemma Kidd pan really is a sight to see, I am very impressed. There is little better than the feeling you get when you hit pan, I love it. I'm about to finish up a blush, that really is the peak of the feeling I think. That mini Tarte blush is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  2. I wish I would hit pan on something I own! Never have had that satisfaction with any product! Must try really hard this year:-)