Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 Minute Makeup with 5 Items

So today I was thinking to myself if I only had 5 minutes to do my makeup what 5 products would I use. There are certain things for me that are without questions products that I couldn't leave the house without having on. Sometimes this is what I'll wear on the weekends too. This was not easy to eliminate to just 5 items but somehow I was able to mange to to do it. Here are my 5 essentials for a quick makeup look:

5 Minute Makeup with 5 Items
5 Minute Makeup with 5 Items

1. Mascara
Ideally I would prefer to use this product with an eyelash curler but since I had to limit to 5 products, mascara alone will have to do. I hate my eyelash, lets start with that. I was telling my friend last night that I am so self conscious about them. Who would have thought that you could be self conscious about eyelashes? I'm also terrible with false lashes so I just stick to mascara. I would feel so naked going out without this. This helps to open up my eyes so much and I think is a necessity for everyday.

2. Lipgloss/Lipstick/Lip Pencil
I don't really have a preference as to what I use on my lips but I need to have some color or something glossy to give myself a pop. This is another thing that I would feel very naked without. The Revlon one is just an example of something I might use. Stains are great since they last a long time so this is always a great option and I love these new balm stain pencils.

3. Blush
I am pretty pale. Not super pale but pale. I try to embrace it but do wish that I was more tan. But oh well, at least I won't have really bad wrinkles right? I'm the kind of person that has to wear blush or else people will think I'm sick or something. Blush helps to brighten me up a bit. This is a must have. The Tarte blush is just an example. They do make wonderful blush thought that I do recommend.  I love all Blush. I love too many in fact.

4. Undereye Brightener
So I thought do I picker concealer but my undereye cirlces are not that bad so I went with a brightener. Typically I use the Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in #1, then the Garnier Rollerball and then this from Maybelline in Brightener. If I'm in a hurry though I would just go for the brightener. It just gives a lightness under my eyes that makes me look awake. Sometimes when you aren't getting enough sleep or you are tired you can really appreciate this. Another must have.

5. Eyeliner
Last but certainly not least is eyeliner. I feel like once you start wearing eyeliner on a regular basis you really can't go back. I feel so strange when I don't have eyeliner on. I prefer brown on a daily basis. The only time I wear black is when I go out at night and I'm doing a smokey eye or for special occasions. This Milani one is great and its from the drugstore so super cheap. I highly recommend checking it out.

So these are my must haves, what are some of yours?


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