Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What's in my July Glossybox

I received my July Glossybox about 2 weeks ago. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to get this post up sooner but hopefully you all are still interested to hear my thoughts on the July box. Glossybox costs around $21 a month for a month-to-month subscription. You can also get 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscriptions which will save you some money. The thing that I find with these monthly beauty box subscriptions is that some months they are amazing and some months they are duds. This month was eh for me but I know other people who loved their box. In addition to the beauty products that I received in the box they also includes a mini Glossy Mag that included information summer must haves, beauty talk with make-up artist Miriam Jacks, city guide with the most beautiful beaches, and starlook and party make-up. I didn't really read the magazine and didn't feel that this added any value to the box.

Whats in my July Glossybox

Whats in my July Glossybox

Whats in my July Glossybox

Whats in my July Glossybox

The theme of the July box was "Summer Nights". The box was supposed to include products that "show off your sun kissed skin and hair and enhance sultry eyes, Afterwards, throw on your sexy sandals and dance the night away under the shimmering summer sky." These are just going to be first impressions since I haven't really used the products much yet.

1. Alessandro International Pedix Heel Rescue Balm-full price $18.50/100 ml
"This foot cream oil imported exclusively from Germany provides intensive protection and nourishes skin, leaving it soft and supple"

You get 30 ml in this sample. The packaging is a really pretty tiffany blue color which I like. This has a strong peppermint smell which I love and a cooling sensation as well. I am really excited to try this product. Going into Fall this will be a great product to soften my feet.

2. Ofra Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil-full price $10/.04 oz
"Created with a Beeswax base for an effortless and long lasting application this water resistant pencil is perfect for even the most sensitive eyes"

You get .04 oz so this is a full-size product which is great. I like eyebrow pencils when I'm in a hurry. I prefer ones that you don't have to sharpen but this is a great color that isn't very red (which I hate) and has a nice waxy texture. I'm happy with this in my box.

Swatch of Universal Eyebrow Pencil
3. Sebastian Color Ignite Multi Tone Shampoo-full price $14.95/8.4 oz
"Smart color moisture complex that targets your color-treated strands, to deeply moisturize and restructure hair fibers wherever needed most."

You get 1.7 oz of product. This is good for travel since its a nice small size. It has a nice fruity smell which I like. This product does contain sulfates though and I prefer to use sulfate free shampoos. I'll try this out though.

4. Sebastian Color Ignite Multi Tone Conditioner-full price $16.95/6.6 oz
"This micro-bubble conditioner whips, wraps, and wows your strands leaving your hair with long-lasting color and vibrant shine."

You get 1.65 oz of conditioner. This has an ok smell but I prefer the smell of the shampoo more. This comes out as a mouse which is kind of fun since I've never tried a mouse conditioner. I like trying new conditioners as I really feel that they can make a difference on my hair. I'm excited to try this out. The problem is that I don't think I would ever buy the shampoo or conditioner since I prefer to buy products that I can just pick up in a local store. I've never seen these products anywhere near me.

5. Senna Cosmetics Double Dose Lip Lacquer-full price $22/.34 oz
"This extremely shiny gloss formula contains light reflecting pigments that make your lips appear fuller and hydrated. Vitamins and Jojoba Oil add extra conditioning to your post."

This is a full size lipgloss which is great because this basically is the cost of the box. Unfortunately I hated this gloss. I loved the smell which was kind of candy like but I didn't like that I couldn't get the product out of the tube. I also didn't like that is was very stick and also wasn't a fan of the colors. The color is called Chocolate Cherry. The color on the left was very sheer and the color on the right was too brown. Also there was a ton of glitter in this. When I wiped it off my hand it was covered in glitter which I don't like.

Swatch of Senna Lip Laquer

6. Caswell-Massey Almond and Aloe Hand & Body Emulsion-full price $24/10 oz
"Softens and moisturizes dehydrated skin. The pure sweet almond oil will leave your skin feeling like smooth as velvet." 

The samples were two 5 ml sample packets each. I haven't tried these out yet. I kind of think of Caswell-Massey as a more mature brand but I'll give these a try. I doubt I would purchase them.

I don't know if this box was worth the price to me but I'm looking forward to trying a few of these things. It's not my favorite of the boxes but not my least favorite either. Do any of you get Glossybox? What did you think of your box? Do you think its worth the price?


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  1. Thanks for this post! It's too bad about the lip gloss. We had the same experience with our first Glossy Box last month Kind of hit-or-miss, but the value of the full-size/travel-size products did add up, so we were torn.