Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Mac Eyeshadow Palettes: Purples

This is going to be my first post on my MAC palettes. I have a neutral palette, a purple palette, and a brown palette. If I'm not wearing neutrals I am probably wearing purples. I think purples look great with brown eyes. The MAC palettes can hold 15 eyeshadow pans. The pans sell for $11.50 each and the 15 palette sells for $16. The packaging is very slim but yet still sturdy. I don't mind traveling with these palettes since they are so slim. MAC also sells 4 pan palettes which I have some of those as well. You can only purchase the pans from freestanding stores or online. 
Top Row: (left to right) Satin Taupe, Sable, Beauty Marked, Fig 1, Stars n Rockets
Middle Row: Smut, Haux, Star Violet, Sketch
Bottom Row: Shale, Quarry, Trax, Shadowy Lady

My first MAC eyeshadow purchase I depotted and put in my palette. I just added a magnet and it stuck right in my palette. I have saved the packaging for back to mac. I personally prefer using the palettes to the single shadows as it makes storage a lot more streamlined and also it makes it faster for me to get ready so I dont need to be grabbing single shadows. 

I label my palettes by with a lablel maker. This helps me to quickly know which palette is what. 

I dont really have any special order right now for organizing my palettes but you will notice that I use a label maker to know which color is which in the palette. If I switch around the colors I can typically either make a new label or pull off the label and put in a new one.

I have swatched below all of the colors in the palette. I will try and let you know what I think of each of the colors and which ones are my favorites. 

Satin Taupe, Smut, Shale

Satin Taupe is a cult favorite and I think a color that everyone should have in their collection if they are buying MAC eyeshadows. I do think that other brands do also make some amazing taupes as well but this is a nice color that would work for everyone. Smut is a great color to darken the outer corner area for a brown or purple smokey eye. Shale is a very pretty color as well. 

Sable, Haux, Quarry

I think that Sable is one of my favorite colors in this palette. When I swatched it I remembered how much I loved it as the color goes on so buttery. Another favorite is haux which is a great crease color. I dislike quarry as probably is shown from the swatch. I couldnt get any color payoff from this. 

Beauty Marked, Star Violet, Trax

Beauty Marked is not a color that I use or enjoy. It is a purpely color with sparkle in it so not practical for me for day to day. Star Violet is one my other favorites. I love this color for fall. Its so beautiful and I chose this over Cranberry as the two are very similar. Trax is a nice color but I'm not sure it is one of my favorites in this palette. 

Stars n Rockets, Fig 1, Sketch, Shadowy Lady

Stars n Rockets is such a fun color. I don't wear it as much as some of the others because for me its not an everyday color but it has amazing color payoff and is really a pretty color. Fig 1 is one of my favorite matte purples to wear for Fall. Sketch is another cult favorite and great to have in your collection. Shadowy Lady I dislike as the payoff is terrible. I couldn't swatch it at all.

So that wraps up my MAC purple eyeshadow collection!  Be sure to check out posts of my other MAC eyeshadow palettes:
What are some of your favorite MAC purple eyeshadows? 



  1. Nice post :) found your blog through instagram :) I'm going to follow you on here and on IG :) take a look at my blog if you have time! Xx

  2. Love love love the colours

  3. I love these colours. I had a nightmare when I depotted my first ever MAC blusher it was. Now I just buy them from the pro stores xx

    1. Thanks for commenting on my post. It means a lot to me. Depotting can be a pain. I think if I were to start buying MAC blushes I would probably just buy them in the pot and not the pan. I regret depotting my Urban Decay Naked palette so much.