Friday, July 13, 2012

Illamasqua Naked Rose Blush Review

After watching people on YouTube and reading some blogs I had to add Naked Rose to my Sephora Wishlist. I would go into Sephora from time to time and none of the stores that I would go into would have this blush. Then today, Friday the 13th I somehow got lucky. I was near the 86th and Lexington store and decided to go in and look around. Can't not go into a Sephora when one is nearby. To my luck the first thing I saw when I walked in was Illamasqua, and their was the Naked Strangers Collection on display. I saw Naked Rose, swatched it and knew I had to have it. Up until purchasing this blush I only owned one other Illamasqua blush in Katie. Katie is one of my all time favorite blushes so I knew I had to have more of them eventually. I had just been waiting for the right color. This is the right color! I do think that my iPhone is making the blush appear darker than it is and not as pink as it really is but hopefully you can get the idea. 

Many describe Naked Rose as a neutral beige brown. Sephora describes it as a "soft neutral pink".  In my opinion the color is a matte mix of very light mauve, light rose, pink, and beige. The perfect neutral for fall in my opinion. Some people would wear this during the summer too. In summer I prefer to wear my peaches, bright pinks, and corals. These are colors I wouldn't wear during the fall. I prefer to play by the season rules in terms of colors but completely understand that not everyone does this. I thought that I might have many colors like this since I have over 30 blushes but to my suprise I couldnt find a dupe at all. Nothng even came close. 

Close up view of blush

Naked Rose Blush Swatch

The color is extremely pigmented (yet works well for fair skin)and very smooth and soft. When I first went to put my brush in it the powder went all over the place. I would say to be gentle when you place your brush in the blush or else the powder will make a mess. These blushes seem to be very long-lasting and I think that this color could work for a lot of different skin tones. Its really intersting how tame this is for Illamasqua as their makeup is usually more out there but I absolutely love this and am so glad that they came out with a collection geared toward the neutral lovers.  Overall this is a great netural color to have in your collection.  You can order this from Sephora and it sells for $24. 

Do any of you have this blush? What are your thoughts?


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