Monday, July 9, 2012

Current Favorite YouTubers

I am going to be starting a series where I shout out 3 YouTubers that I really love to watch their videos. YouTube was really my gateway into blogging so I am forever grateful to all of the wonderful ladies and men who make videos on their. I know that it is truly a lot of work but you all do an amazing job. My favorites currently are in no particular order.


One of my new favorite people on YouTube is Melissa. Her YouTube beauty channel name is Melmphs.Check out her YouTube channel here. She is a makeup artist with a great southern accent and such an upbeat and positive attitude. She is truly a joy to watch. We recently connected a lot through Instagram and she has truly been so supportive of me in my blogger beginnings. Check out one of her most recent videos below:


Another favorite YouTuber is Kassie. She makes great videos that are so enjoyable to watch.
Check out her YouTube channel here. She does a lot of hauls which I really enjoy as well as empties videos which are some of my favorites. She also sometimes films outside which is very beautiful to watch as well. Here is one of her most recent videos:


The last favorite person that I am going to mention is another Melissa. Boy do I like my Melissa's I guess. Check out 30plussome blog here. Melissa is hysterical. She literally cracks me up every time I watch her. But humor aside she does honest and amazing reviews and her bloopers dont hurt either. Here is one of her most recent videos here: 


  1. Awwww, girlfriend!!! You're going to make me cry!!! Haha!!! You're so sweet!!! Thank u! :)

    1. You deserve it. You make wonderful videos and more people should be watching them!