Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Favorite YouTubers of November

Nikki works at Sephora so she really knows her makeup. She does amazing tutorials and is comes across super down to earth in her videos. I love watching all of the knew things that she finds and she finds great stuff since Sephora is always getting in new goodies. Her hauls are really amazing and I'm always wishing I worked at Sephora too. Here is her most recent video:

I am a new subscriber to Jumana's channel but I have been loving watching all of her videos. She is a makeup artist and also a mom to I think 7 kids. I don't really know how she does it but I give her kudos for sure. She has a huge makeup collection and does very honest reviews that I find extremely helpful when trying which makeup products I want to purchase. Here is her most recent video:

Joanna's channel is also fairly new to me but I quickly fell in love with her videos. She doesn't make them extremely often but when she does they are great and 100% worth watching. She has a great sense of style and has great taste in makeup, especially high end stuff. She is also big into skincare which I love since I like higher end skincare so I like to see what works for people. Here is her most recent video:

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, I love finding new gurus! Just started following you! xx