Saturday, December 15, 2012

What's in My December Birchbox

December's Birchbox theme obviously revolves around the holidays. They changed the typical brown box and it made it very festive for the holidays which I thought was a nice touch. The product in this box are supposed to help us look and feel our best. They also let us know that they have online videos on gift wrapping and ways to upcycle old Birchboxes. So here is what I got in my December box. 

What's in My December Birchbox
December Birchbox

How cute is the box that Birchbox sent out this month? I really like the color combination of hot pink and gold that they picked. It's festive yet works for people who celebrate all different holidays. 

What's in My December Birchbox

What's in My December Birchbox

The first thing that I got was my lifestyle extra from Emily's Chocolates. It was a dark chocolate peppermint holiday fortune cookie. A box of 6 retails for $5.49-$5.99. Birchbox says, "Filled with festive messages, these treats have surpassed ginger snaps as our favorite holiday goodie." This was amazing and would make a great holiday gift. I normally hate getting food but I thought these were very cute and tasted great so I was happy to receive this as my "extra".
Emily Chocolates Dark Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Fortunes Birchbox

The next product was the Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Advanced Volume Shampoo. A full size retails for $22. Birchbox says, "This buzz-worthy shampoo uses an arsenal of hair savers-including hyaluronic acid and keratin-to build body and add shine." The ingredients in this intrigue me so I'm excited to try this out. This does contain sulfates but seems to be ok for color treated hair.
Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Advanced Volume Shampoo Birchbox

Birchbox included a gift tag to use on our most creatively wrapped present. Then you could take a picture with hashtag #bboxholiday.

Next in my box was the Frownies Eye Gels. A full size is $29.95. Birchbox says, "Fight puffy dark circles with these innovative undereye patches, which are soaked with cactus-derived collagen and toning niacin." I'm excited to try these out. I don't have bad undereye cirlces or puffiness but will give this a try. Apparently they are reusable but I'm not sure how that works.
Frownies Eye Gels Birchbox

They have also included a $50 gift card to Rent the Runway with a purchase of $125 or more.  I don't think I"ll be using this but it's nice that they included it.
Rent the Runway Gift Card Birchbox

The last two things that I got were a mini Hot Mama blush from the Balm and a hand and cuticle salve from J.R. Watkins. A full sized blush is $20 and the salve is $8.99. Birchbox says, "How cute is this peachy blush? The universally flattering pigment is laced with faint golden shimmer to add warmth to your complexion." "Slather on this nourishing balm pre-manicure. It's full of natural moisturizers to keep your hands and cuticles super soft." I already have a full size of this blush so I will be giving it to a friend. I like it but prefer to wear it during the summertime. The hand and cuticle salve will be great for the winter. I'm happy to receive this in my box.
theBalm Hot Mama Blush & J.R. Watkins Hand & Cuticle Salve Birchbox

So that is my December Birchbox. Overall I am happy with this box and excited to try out a few of the things. I still feel strongly that this is one of the best beauty box programs out there for the price and the only one that I currently receive, though I did receive others in the past. If you have any questions about more of my thoughts feel free to reach out to me. If you get Birchbox let me know what you thought of your box.


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  1. saw the box pic on Instagram, so I had to come and visit.

    My bf gifted me the yearly box and got the Mox Lipbalm and the volumizing shampoo among other things :) but for the shampoo I'm surprised it's really nice, makes my hair very soft and shiny (no big volume though).

    Can't wait for my next one

    Miranda M.